KOREAGANDA & JEJU is based in Korea, focus on creating advance online experiences for E-commerce, each day is a new challenge to create new amazing works using our special skills. We’re build interactions with brands in a way that makes them intuitive, unforgettable and effective.

Based on understanding of the unique of sales process of the customers, it established the online sales strategy that matches the characteristics of each sales channel such as open market, social commerce, and general mall and carries out basic tasks such as product shooting, product registration and code management. in addition, it will work to attract sales such as planning exhibition and event account through network. at this time the entire online channel is managed in a comprehensive manner to prevent price and inventory issues between the sales channels, and construction and operation of the homepage shopping mall and website are also carried out.

Is not easy for companies in the online​ industry to cope with the amount and intensity of customer complaints due to the characteristics of the online market, witch sells the same products at various prices and configurations depending on channels, products codes, and events. It is necessary to communicate promptly and firmly in response to manual in a skilled CS organization, by writing an answer to a real-time customer inquiry. or responding to a phone call when a product is out of order or delayed a delivery. In addition, in a sudden CS emergency a large number or urgent messages or individual calls are promptly processed. Without understanding the CS process for various channels being sold and knowing the CS manuals for each of the products of the customer,  the brand image can be devastated.